Health Services

Gateway Medicard

In an emergency, getting vital health information to medical personnel quickly could be critical. Your Gateway Medicard keeps your personal medical profile handy at all times.

When you send in your completed Gateway Medicard Data Form, it is reduced in size and printed on a durable plastic card. It is easy to read with a standard magnifying glass routinely carried by medical professionals. Please note that separate papers or other forms cannot be accepted; be sure all information appears on the Gateway Medicard Data Form.

As a member, you may order one free medical card per account each year. It's important to update your card annually to ensure your data is current. You will receive a reminder and renewal form every 12 months. If you need to update your card more often, you may do so for only $5 each. You may also order cards for your spouse, children and other family members for only $5 each. Similar cards cost $8 to $20 from other sources. To order extra cards, request and complete an additional Gateway Medicard Data Form for each individual.

To print a Personal Medical Profile form, please visit If you do not have access to the Internet, please call 1-800-992-8044 to have a member service representative send you a Personal Medical Profile form to complete.

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Vitamin Discount

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